Socialvest: Public Relations and Outreach Strategy

Purchase on Purpose: The Socialvest tagline. Based in Atlanta, Socialvest is a cause-conscious shopping platform that allows members to earn money for their favorite causes by simply shopping online. During Socialvest’s launch phase, Rendezvous was engaged by the company’s founder to develop corporate and nonprofit engagement strategies and target lists, as well as to provide counsel regarding an upcoming membership drive.  As part of our scope of work, we researched, developed and drafted custom marketing materials for corporate and nonprofit entities generally, as well as for specific company and organization targets identified by Socialvest. With materials in hand and a targets list established, we leaned heavily into the Rendezvous rolodex to introduce Socialvest to our contacts in both communities, to kickstart discussions about short and long term partnerships, and to brainstorm cross-platform marketing efforts that would cut across industries and drive membership up. At Rendezvous, we are always looking for new opportunities that align with our passion for making the world a better place, and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to help push Socialvest further down the road to success.